Garage Doors Buying Tips

The Basics

Garage Doors Buying Tips

Where do I Buy Garage Doors?

  • We can easily help with that, Request a Free Quote and we’ll put you in touch with a licensed dealer.
  • Remember that most local garage door companies buy garage door sections from large manufacturers so it may be wise to contact a garage door manufacturer first to find out what they have to offer.
  • Home Centers – sell a few doors that you can install yourself.


  • Price is determined by model, size, material, insulation and window options.
  • No matter the material you choose, basic garage doors come without significant panel design and without glass. From there, each upgrade will impact the cost of your door.
  • A basic wood garage door for a 2-car garage made of pressed wood or Masonite, with recessed panels, ready for paint will cost around $800-$1,000 and the appearance-grade wood doors can run between $1,500-$2,000.
  • For an average-sized steel door (16 by 7 feet), expect to pay from $750 to $1200 installed

Climate and its Effect on Your Garage Door

Do you live in a climate with extremely cold temperatures?

  • You may want to look into garage doors with higher R-values and greater insulating properties. Find out more

Do you live on the coast and with a lot of windy conditions?

Style of your Home

Do you have an older, classic home or an updated contemporary?

  • Look for a manufacturer that offers options to match your home’s style.
  • Select a door with clean lines and understated style for a traditional look.
  • Select a door with wood detailing for a carriage-house look or customize your door for an elegant look.
  • A steel door with flush panels is a good choice for contemporary homes.
  • Garage doors with raised panels complements a traditional home.
  • Long panels are ideally suited for ranch homes.

Helpful tip: A lot of older homes that have detached garages were built with larger doors than what is available on the market today. One solution to that problem is constructing a facade of windows across the top of the space leaving the specified amount of room to install a new door. This adds some charm to your existing garage and gives you added light if you do projects inside your garage.


Do you have children or pets? Are you constantly going in and out of the garage?

  • A door with quiet operation (one with polymer hinges rather than metal on metal moving parts) and added safety features (pinch-resistant panels that protects fingers) is a great solution for a garage that gets a lot of traffic in and out of it.
  • Garage doors that takes safety, security and convenience into consideration is ideal for children. Find out more
  • Hi-cycle torsion springs are available for applications requiring heavy usage
  • Double sided steel insulated garage doors are much more durable and resistant to dents.
  • Is your garage used for storage or do you use the space for a garage workshop? Thermal insulation may be important.

The Basics
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