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With the rise in residential values and the yearning to maximize space and get organized, the trend to makeover the garage is growing. Garages are no longer just used to house and protect the family car from the elements. Homeowners are thinking of garages as an extension of their homes, outfitting the garage with extra electrical outlets, lighting, and insulation. What’s more, they are installing upscale doors to make the garage the focal point of the home. And with the garage accounting for 30% of your home’s exterior, it makes sense to take special care in choosing the garage doors that will compliment and enhance your home’s style.

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Garage Doors and Home Construction Trends

Garages are Extensions of the Home

With the new insulated garage doors on the market, garages can actually be as warm as your house. Garages make a perfect place for a workshop, a hobby area, fitness room, home office, laundry room, or as a storage area for bikes, sports equipment, kids’ toys and other household items.

4-car Garages on the Rise

Another trend in garages is the increase in 4-car garages. In today’s fast-paced world, more homeowners need places to store their “toys.” The 4-car garage allows homeowners to park their jet skis, boats, or ride-on mowers. Plus, now more teenagers have their own car and need a place to park it. The 4-car garage gives them the room they need.

Check Out the Latest Trends for Home Floor Plans

  • Great Rooms – open, informal spaces, often combining the kitchen and “living room” area
  • Less Hallways; more shared and open spaces
  • Bonus Rooms over the garage
  • Sliding Doors/Partitions offer flexible living arrangements will still maintaining privacy
  • Wheel chair accessibility and accommodations for the visually impaired
  • Pantries, extra kitchen storage, walk-in closets
  • Laundry rooms on main floor or upstairs rather than in a basement.
  • Wider Garages:
    • With the popularity of SUVs, a spacious garage is a must-have
    • 2-car garages tending to be at least 22 feet wide
    • 3-car garages are becoming more popular
    • To help curb appeal, builders are putting garages in the back of the house and are adding a doorway between garage and kitchen.
  • Bringing the inside out – decks, patios, porches, outdoor fireplaces, grills, wet bars
  • Extras like bay windows, window seats, porches off of bedrooms and other just-for-fun details.

Did you Know?

There is a trend to customize garage doors to mimic the materials and finishes used throughout a home’s interior. For example, some homeowners match the wood of their kitchen cabinets to the wood on exterior door and garage doors to create a unified look.

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