Designing a Custom Garage Door

Step 3. Decide on Type

Garage Door Custom Design
There are 3 main types of garage doors.

  • Sectional Overhead Doors

    Made of four or more horizontal sections, hinged together and mounted with rollers to tracks at each side so the door can roll straight up and back. Sectional Overhead doors are often more convenient for residential homes because they take up very little space. There are many types of sectional overhead doors available, offering advantages such as thermal efficiency and extreme durability, along with superb aesthetics and style.

  • Swing Garage Doors

    These type of garage doors include two doors hanging from hinges on either side of the garage opening. These types of doors are best for mild climates, because snow drifts will prevent them from opening. However, these are good at sealing out water and moisture. Often used for barn-style garages, these doors can be operated manually or with a special remote control.

  • Swing-up Doors

    Made from a single panel that pivots out and upward. The swing up garage doors still provide a relatively lightweight feel, and are easy to open and close by hand.

Designing your Garage Door

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